Frustrated With Your Sales Results?

Your Answer May Not Be Reducing Expenses or Increasing Your Team’s Efficiency.

Try Opening a New Revenue Stream

You keep trying new tactics, but sales keep lagging. You’re losing deals. Customer acquisition costs are too high. You’re not getting enough leads—and the ones you get aren’t ideal.

What if you could add a whole new revenue stream and marketing tools at no cost to you? Start earning 20% – 30% commissions on digital marketing work done 100% by your new in-house marketing team.

The most efficient way to generate new revenue isn’t by working harder. It’s by having money or people work for you. But either of those takes money to get started. Unless you could?

Hire a new team equipped with sales and marketing tools to work for you. And, instead of paying upfront costs, simply share in the revenue generated from the new sales.

How the Revenue Share Program Works:

    • Platform Creator provides a sales deck with available free tools such as SEO Audits, Homepage assessments, and 1 Hour Belief Chain Mapping
    • Platform Creator provides a deck of services and pricing available and customized to your customers’ needs. Here are a few examples: website design, SEO (on and off-page), Email Marketing, Video Production, Brand Strategy
    • Sales tools and scripts available to create emails to send to your clients about your newly expanded services
    • Availability to white-label our team as a part of your sales and marketing team
    • Platform Creator provides all the completed work – your company enjoys long-term commissions of 20% – 30% not a one-time referral payout.