What's Your Story GraphicI told a friend many years ago about how passionate I was about writing my new book. I was passionate about my new love, Jesus. I was journaling and reading The Holy Bible almost every day and listening to various radio sermons. I knew I was going to write a compelling book that was going to change the world by introducing them to my new friend, Jesus. Only problem was, I wasn’t a theologian. My understanding of scripture was only a 2 or 3 on a scale of 0 to 10. I wasn’t an expert at anything religious, especially my behavior. Maybe I could write a book for new Christians. Maybe I will someday.

However, I’ve since learned that serious publishing companies don’t want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars introducing and promoting new authors. They will however consider platform creators, authors who already have a following, or what Seth Godin calls, Tribes. And, the best way to start a tribe is to blog or at least it’s an inexpensive way. So, why would you want to start a blog?

It’s Therapeutic to Write. I could provide you with some basic medical research to support my claim, but writing, on its own, isn’t a cure to fill your emptiness. However, many of the writers I follow do live fulfilling lives. Whether published or not, writing has been a way for me to better understand where my pain and problems originate and how to correct, relieve, or at least understand them. It can help you crystalize your thoughts and become more purposeful about each day you live. If you are interested in becoming a better writer, I’d suggest checking out Ray Edwards or at least, listen to his podcasts on the way into work. Jeff Goins is another great story-teller.

Writing Can Help You Become a Thought-leader in your Industry. Today, anyone can build a platform through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogging. And, some of the best practical advice I’ve found hasn’t come from major media outlets, but from people who have persevered through heavy challenges, and offered practical advice on how to navigate through specific issues that are important to me. Chances are there is a writer out there who is addressing many of your primary concerns in life and who shares many of your values. This blogger wants to connect and help you. And, likely, you have a skill that others can benefit from and a skill that can help mentor others.

Writing is the Right Thing to Do. Most successful writers have two things in common. First, they are good story tellers. Writing directions for installing a new dishwasher may not provide riveting night time reading, but learning how Jeff Goins went from starting a new blog in 2010 to over 19,000 twitter followers is inspiring as well as the stories behind his blog posts. Second, successful writers are giving. A great example of a successful, fulfilled writer who is giving of his time is former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Michael Hyatt. Michael Hyatt will show you how to launch a new WordPress site in 20 minutes or less.  

 Only you can make a difference in someone’s life. You can’t count on anyone else to do what you are most passionate about. In what area can you add value and start mentoring others today?