AI writing tools will not ruin the marketing industry – they will create an opportunity explosion.

The naysayers contend that AI will put people out of work. And this is understandable. Look at AI-generated content like this, and you’ll see that AI-generated content is surprisingly good. In fact, a college student used AI to create an article that rose to the top spot on Hacker News.

But AI has an (im)personal problem. Truth is…

The robot’s writing still has a metallic ring

Apart from the fact that AI tends to make up stuff, especially quotes and names, it also struggles with creating context. This makes sense when you consider that its MO is to pore over mountains of information and data. It then regurgitates predictions for whatever block of text you’re writing.

Still, most users and readers can sense that AI-generated content is just a bit off when it comes to tone.

What AI does best for us humans

It frees us to focus on the hardest part of writing and the thing we do best: Thinking about great content ideas.

David Nunez, the Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at MIT Museum, has a great way of describing our working relationship with AI:

AI works with us, not for us.

That distinction of with instead of for is important. An AI writing tool, for example, knows nothing and does nothing until a human being causes it by teeing up ideas for the algorithm to run with. But it won’t just write our content for us.

The output of AI-generated text is only as good as the human-generated input of great ideas.

Interestingly, the algorithm often offers unpredictable twists on old ideas. And it speeds up the writing and idea development process by filling in the gaps with… well… with filler. Which means you are freed to concentrate on the creative element.

Embrace the AI marketing tools now

Become an early adopter (there’s still time), and you can begin building a moat around your marketing and business ideas.

When you’re new to writing, volume is more important than precision. The more you produce, the more quickly you learn. Using AI, you increase the velocity and the volume of your writing.

Here are three ideas for getting started:

1. Check out the tools.

They are popping up quickly, but a few have taken the lead. Though it’s not specifically a marketing tool, Grammarly is a must-have for content writers. Splurge for the Business level at $30 a month, and your writing will improve dramatically. (formerly does marketing content creation and will likely be a force to reckon with. They also have plenty of videos and other resources.

2. Start tinkering.

You’ll learn a little with the entry-level packages for AI marketing tools. But you’ll learn better and faster once you’re ready to splurge for premium options.

3. Don’t wait.

New tools are disruptive to your MO. It’s better to start now while you can grow with the tech rather than trying to catch up to it later.

The wave is coming. Surfing it will be much more exciting and more productive than paddling around, hoping not to get bowled over.