I’m a platform creator. I help others tell stories and create marketing platforms worth sharing. However, most of my career has been spent failing; working on advertising campaigns that have very little substance and very few social media shares. Many times my focus has been in the wrong area. Yes, some of the feature and benefit campaigns sold a lot of mobile phones and some of my ideas helped sell candy bars and sodas and even tell creative stories. However, I’m not sure many of them were memorable.

Memorable campaigns are ones that really connect with people and their inner most compassion towards those who are hurting.

Remember the Nissan 2015 Superbowl commercial? This helped us connect the pain of being away from ‘Dad’ uniquely with the Nissan brand. For many of us, this ad also helped us reach a point of thankfulness for whatever time we spent with our own dad or kids.

Most Americans have a lot in which to be thankful. Personally, living in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, I enjoy a thriving economy with job growth and profitable companies and generally a pleasant climate and joyful people (except when driving in traffic).

However, Dallas County is home to more than 675,000 children. Of those, 24.9% live below the federal poverty level – exceeding the state and national average –  and are less likely to receive medical care. Most of these children show up in a hospital ER, resulting in added cost to everyone.

Sadly, these children face additional dangers, too. Since the year 2000, infant mortality has increased by 35% in Dallas County. These are Third World problems right in my own backyard!

This is unacceptable to me. It’s a good thing that our local economy is strong. It gives us access to people and resources that can provide jobs, goods and services, and a pleasant environment. However, the story of people like Behrane and others who struggle every day to provide basic care for their children, make the story of The Doctor Spot one that I feel urged to share.

Will you join us and help equip The Doctor Spot?

If not, what stories challenge you to make a positive impact on others? How can you stretch your clients’ expectations beyond just asking about who they are and how they stack up to the competition? How can a home loan or an automobile company create a positive impact on others or simply remind us how thankful we should be for our fathers?

Read more about how The LifeSavers Foundation is helping families in The Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Thank you to The LifeSavers Foundation for giving Platform Creator a chance to share the story of The Doctor Spot.