Test TubesLong are the days when I stayed up late for hours, researching and writing my college marketing papers. So much time went into getting an ‘A’ on a paper, but in the real world, it seems like everything is streamlined and less effort is put into blog posts, advertising campaigns, web design, or copy writing.


We send out tweets within seconds, post Facebook messages and Instagram pics instantly. We try to gain attention without really knowing what is working best.


So, where should we start?


We must first open our minds to the possibility that our trusted convictions might be wrong.

Some of the known practices in advertising DO NOT WORK. What am I talking about? After going to an SEM conference in 2013, I learned that rotating carousels distract viewers and your messaging can be diluted. Sure, they look nice, but they have bad conversion rates. Maybe you already knew that.


Test Everything: Best Practices are Dead Until You Test Them

  • Why? Because it focuses the results on what your customers want, not what you think they want. Who cares what you want if it’s not working?!
  • Overemphasizing that you have a secure website or creating BIG SWOOPING ARROWS likely won’t help.
  • If you’re writing copy for radio, use different telephone numbers (or website urls) to test the effectiveness of the radio copy.


Start with what your objective is.

Are you trying to get conversions or drive traffic? How long are you committed to your objective before someone says ‘we need to make a change’? What does success look like?


How are you adding value?

Does your blog or advertising message deliver a relevant story and a powerful headline?


Do you have Clarity in your messaging?

If you have too much copy or too much activity going on it can be distracting for the visitor or listener.


Do you have a call to action?

Be smart and agile and willing to keep testing graphics, content, and copy until your desired goals are met.


When is the last time you tested an ad campaign? What happened?


Resources: WiderFunnel

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