man overwhelmed looking at foldersProcrastination is not the same thing as being lazy. It’s natural to procrastinate, putting off the most important tasks because we’d rather organize files or tidy up a bit. The logic goes, ‘if I tidy up, I can work more efficiently’. Currently I have 2 major website / advertising projects to complete within the next week. In addition, I’d like to get my taxes done. So, where do I start?

What three things need to be finished today?

Think of and write down the three most important tasks that need to be completed today. If you are blogging and have been getting behind on your writing, it may be time to do a quick brainstorm or maybe a little research. Pick out three topics of interest that have been on your mind or in the news in which you could begin writing? Or, go to or your favorite blogger for ideas. Ahmed Safwan talks about cheating when coming up with powerful headlines. I think he used that word just to get our attention. It got mine. He’s just suggesting that taking a magazine article and tweaking the headline to fit your audience is a good idea or a good thought starter that can help save you time.

Break down your big projects into smaller tasks

If you have to create a new website, break down today’s task to; I will create the online platform outline, including researching and deciding on a good WordPress theme. Write down what tasks you can complete on the calendar for tomorrow and so on until the big project is mapped out for completion. Ray Edwards has an excellent podcast on getting things done more efficiently.

‘Procrastination’ is a beautiful word

Most successful writers have two things in common. First, they are good story tellers and second, they write on a consistent basis. In order to complete the most important tasks, you must procrastinate on the less important. Put off organizing your files or filing your taxes (at least until you approach April). Break those non-urgent tasks into small parts. Placing them on a calendar should help clear your mind of thinking about them until a future date.

Before you get in the zone, working away on your important tasks, what kind of atmosphere (music, scents, lighting) do you create to keep relaxed and work more productively?