photodune-3362796-calendar-2013-sThere are many things an online platform can help you accomplish in terms of making an impact in 2013. Have you given some thought to how you will swing for the fences?

First of all, you do have a platform, right? If not, then 2013 is the time to launch. The web is the default query source for most us, and the numbers who use it that way are increasing every day. Stay tuned here for some products and ideas to build your platform from scratch or use our free and simple template.

Here are 3 platform goals to consider for 2013:

Create a marketing plan around the significant events and Holidays for the year. Ray Edwards talks about this in a recent podcast. Start with the Holidays. These dates are already set and your audience will at least be giving some thought and planning to the majority of them, so how can you anticipate and tap into those plans and thoughts? What other days are significant in the year in regard to your expertise or niche? These include, but are by no means limited to; industry events, new product releases (new is good), and milestones reached. Any of these that can be anticipated can be marketed around.

Most importantly, decide on a few Areas of Focus. For example, how can you increase the number of followers will you have by the end of the first quarter? Its ok to chase numbers if the numbers you’re chasing are relevant to growing and improving your reach, but do you really know what the number should be? There are countless ways you can improve, but just focus on a few if you want to make significant progress.  Chris Brogan suggests a 3 book diet for the year. In other words, instead of browsing you should pick three books you can focus on and implement the learning’s from those. Likewise, you should have a short list of the elements of your platform you’d most like to improve in 2013. Don’t get caught in the browsing trap!

Finally, make one of those areas of focus a new mode of delivering your message. Have you tried video? Podcasting? Images? With the rise of mobile, people are not just interested in reading any more. They want to watch and hear too, and they have an ever-increasing capability to do so with their mobile devices.

A new year is racing into view. It’s ok to glance in the rear view mirror now and then to evaluate 2012, but your focus should be in front of you. If you don’t yet have a platform, create one! If you have one, spend some time in the next couple of weeks answering the questions above and add some dates and thumbnails to your intentions.

What say you just go ahead and write down a few of those below, just to get the juices flowing!